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Dragon and Weed: Origins is a cinematic visual novel series in which we follow the adventures of Alexander “Dragon” Drayzaai and Lushian “Weed” Nicolier two former child soldiers turned mercenaries for Europe’s Common Army.

After a mission in they’re hired to rescue a group of scientists abducted by a military faction in South America, Dragon and Weed will find themselves tied to the enterprises of dangerous shadow organizations.

Suggested Age Rating: Adult Only

  • Explicit language
  • Violence with blood
  • Nudity
  • Sexual content
  • Reference to drug consumption

Wild Action

Chases, close quarters, gunfights... Dragon and Weed take no break, so will you

Unique Visuals

A cinematic adventure with an unique graphic style and dynamic staging

Auditive Atmosphere

Characters made alive by voice acting wrapped with an immersive and original soundtrack


Amanda Hidejiro

Amanda comes from a line of gifted scientists. Her grandfather his a very well-known figure in the bio-technology and human enhancement sector.
Voiced by Alison Jayne

Alexander “Dragon” Drayzaai

Dragon is a lazy guy and womanizer who enjoys driving the folks around him crazy.

Voiced by Jon Jackson

Lushian “Weed” Nicolier

Weed is a clever and professional person that can hardly be affected by anything.

Voiced by Matthew Koser

Selena “Lucibel” Denarg

Lucibel appears to most as cold tempered and does her best not to let her emotions overwhelm her.

Voiced by Adrian Mayes