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Producer: OG-ZONE®
Studio: West Dragon Productions
Based in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France


Website: www.og-zone.com
Press contact: contact@og-zone.com

Release date: 01/24/2020 (Ep.0) – 2021/ Ongoing (Vol.1)
Platforms: Download
Languages: English (voice & text), French (text)
Regular Price: FREE (Ep.0), $19,99 (download volume 1)


Suggested Age Rating: MA/ Adult Only (uncensored version)

  • Explicit language
  • Violence with blood
  • Nudity
  • Sexual content
  • Reference to drug consumption


1920×1080 (16:9), 60 fps
1920×1440 (4:3), 60 fps

BornWild • Versus, formerly known as Dragon and Weed: Origins is an adult visual novel series. Set in a futuristic world where war is big money it tells the adventures of two former child soldiers.

The Season 1 is divided in 2 volumes with 15 to 30 minutes long episodes.


The events starts in 2053, on Earth where a fragile peace is maintained by international diplomatic alliances.

Before, it was about 50 years of territorial conflicts, political clashes fed by the growing scarcity of the raw material and orchestrate, behind closed doors, by a powerful conglomerate.

Raised in that chaotic world, Alexander “Dragon” Drayzaai and Lushian “Weed” Nicolier are two childhood friends, that started in the War Zone at a young age.

As former members of the military and spiritual program “Professional Assassins”,
Dragon and Weed have developed prized skills.

They are now working for the Common Army of Europe (UNECA), and chain “Die in Piece” missions, missions that no one wants.

Their abilities will bring them to a very ancient organization from the shadows, with which they will then start working.



  • Sci-fi and action-packed series
  • Unique visual style
  • Cinematic staging and dynamic scenes
  • Voiced characters and immersive music scores


About Us


Otaku-Geek Zone or OG-ZONE was founded on a forum in 2007. It is now a creator and provider of entertainment such as videogames, web series and comics. Our previous releases include the 2D shooter game “Dragon and Weed: Black Ghost OPS 2.0” (2009), the original comic series of “Dragon and Weed: Origins” (2009 – 2012) and the spin-off visual novel “Snow Light” (2014).

Our ambition is to produce and publish more original content from West Dragon Productions and up-and-coming studios.


Writing, Art and Direction
Axel-Guillaume Eloa


Theo Duvernay
Jordan J. Scavone
Emily Hodgson


Christophe Demarcq (Ep.0)
Helena Morgane (Ep.0, 1)

Sound Design

Sébastien Laroche
Axel-Guillaume Eloa


Jon Jackson
Matthew Koser
Alison Jayne
Anairis Quinones
Maurquice Straughter
Connor Colquhoun
Rachael Messer
Adrian Mayes
Nicholas Maluf
Mandy Bailey
Brent Lange
Matthew Arvizu
Kevin Couto
Jacob Eccles
Jacob Cimba


Charly Jouglet
Mourad Achir-Splilmer
Vendetta Beats
Voodoo Beats
Sirius Beat
Syklota Beats
Savage Beats
Retnik Beats
Cosmic Beats ft Retnik